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Who are the founders

 Just two people with one mission. Good old theater/music around the Globe. Producing and performing Since September 3rd 1983. Ine van der Vorst For years in the Theater business as artistic producer, Erik Graumans Creative producer and organizer It's no wonder that Ine van der Vorst and Erik Graumans are just two people from one family The Cast and crew To make theater/music productions you need the right feeling, that's why we work together as a family with the right people

Wilson Productions Foundation

Wilson Productions  is a specialized team that combines supply and demand in the field of Dutch culture and entertainment. With experience since 1983 in theater, entertainment and mediation Tourplanners are the ideal partners for productions world wide. They are experienced in shipping complete theater productions to Canada and the US, but are also at home in the European market. The Tourplanners Foundation is a non profit organization, that invests most proceeds in less lucrative projects. (Example Non Profit shows for Home Bronbeek, KMTO Arnhem The Netherlands, Ste Anne Veterans Hospital Montreal QC Canada.) TheTourplanners Foundation is also an accredited training company and guides aspiring actors / actresses and technicians to become professionals.